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THE INTERNATIONAL NUTRIBRAIN SUMMER SCHOOL - 2nd edition - September 1st to 12th of 2014

The second edition of the International NutriBrain Summer School took place in Bordeaux, France from September 1st to 12th, 2014!


The International NutriBrain Summer School combines theoretical training with lectures hold by renowned international scientists and practical training with hands-on mini-projects. It gives the opportunity to young scientists (PhD students and post-docs) to interact with specialists in the field of Nutrition-Neurosciences and acquire new techniques from molecular biology to behavioral neurosciences.

After the first edition in 2012 which focused on Nutrition and Cognition, the second edition of the International NutriBrain Summer School to be hold in Bordeaux, France, from September 1st to 12th of 2014 will deal with Nutrition and Brain Functions.


More details about the International NutriBrain Summer School

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Practical project # 9, Nathalie Castanon, Aurea Blancas, Pamela Panetta, Celia Fourrier, Corinne Joffre

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Yvonne Ulrich-Lai, speaker

Poster session

Practical project # 7, Guillaume Ferreira, Myrtille Gumbs, Claudia Perez Diaz, Frederic Tantot

Farewell dinner

Teresa Reyes, speaker

Coffee break

Practical project # 10, Muriel Darnaudery, Anna Fodor, Danila Del Rio, Lin Xia

Coffee break

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Practical project # 2, Edgar Soria, Aurelie Dewaele and Marion Soto

NutriBrain students and staff 2014

Susanne La Fleur, speaker

Farewell dinner

Yadin Dudai, speaker

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Sophie Layé, coordinator

Richard Bazinet, speaker

Students in conference room